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The MMSE, originally published in 1975, has recently been copyrighted by a company that does not allow printing of the MMSE in its entirety. Therefore, even if you have the test committed to memory, the efficient recording and retrieval of the results in the facility chart likely would be compromised and troubling situation. The MMSE, orig-inally published in 1975, has recently been copyrighted by a company that does not al-low printing of the MMSE in its entirety. Therefore, even if you have the test committed to memory, the efficient recording and retrieval of the results in the facility chart likely would be compromised Because of copyright protection, each use of MMSE now costs about £0.80 (€1.00; $1.30).5 The financial implications of this are huge. Health providers like the NHS must look for alternatives or consider paying thousands of pounds for continued use The MMSE is now only available via a license ($1.23 per test) and is slowly disappearing from textbooks and other publications and can no longer be legally used without risking copyright infringement

While the MMSE was attached as an appendix to the article, the copyright ownership of the MMSE (to the extent that it contains copyrightable content) remained with the three authors. Pergamon Press was subsequently taken over by Elsevier, who also took over copyright of the Journal of Psychiatric Research Copyright © 2021 Massachusetts Medical Society. All rights reserved. Electronic ISSN 1533-4406. Print ISSN 0028-4793. The content of this site is intended for health care professionals. Copyright. Copyright issues: When the MMSE was first published in 1975 in the Journal of Psychiatric Research, its copyright ownership remained with the authors until Elsevier took over copyright of both Pergamon Press and the Journal of Psychiatric Research Svensk Revidering (MMSE-SR) Utarbetad av: S Palmqvist B Terzis C Strobel A Wallin MMSE-SR är inte ett diagnostiskt test, utan endast ett grovt kognitivt undersökningsmått och ett komplement vid utredning. TOTAL POÄNGSUMMA ORIENTERING OMEDELBAR ÅTERGIVNING UPPMÄRKSAMHET ____ / 10 ___ / 30 ____ / 3 ____ / 5 ____ /

The Standardised Mini-Mental State Examination provides clear, unequivocal guidelines for administration and scoring of the Mini Mental state Examination (MMSE). The SMMSE takes less time to administer than the MMSE and has significantly reduced the inter rater variability of the MMSE. The intrarater variability is significantly lower with the SMMSE (86%, P<0.003) compared to the MMSE, and the. MMSE-SR (MMT) MMSE, även kallat MMT, är ett enkelt och ofta använt test som ger en grov upattning av olika kognitiva funktioner, t ex orientering, minne, språk och logisk-spatial förmåga. Testet utvecklades för att bedöma kognitiv förmåga hos psykiatriska patienter. Idag används det i huvudsak vid Alzheimers sjukdom och andra demenssjukdomar MMSE, MMT (Mini Mental State Examination, Mini Mental Test) MMSE (MMT) mäter en persons kognitiva status. Testet har använts i stor omfattning för screening och identifiering av demens. Originalversionen togs fram 1975 av läkarna Marshal och Susan Folsten. Målgrupp Copyright. The MMSE was originally distributed without cost but the current copyright holders are Psychological Assessment Resources (PAR) who will not grant permission to include or reproduce an entire test or scale in any publication (including dissertations and theses) or on any website. All users will need to purchase the tests from PAR

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However, undoubtedly the biggest reason is that for most of its nearly 40 year life span, it has been free for anyone to use and reproduce, as the creators of the MMSE never enforced their copyright. Our previous GeriPal post on the MMSE's copyright describes how times have changed No. 57A, Govindasamy Nagar, 3 rd Street, Madipakkam, Chennai - 600 091. +91-9962 706213 | info@mmse.in / info@mmmedicalsystems.com Get in Touch Copyright © 2021 MMSE - Powered by Tech Thulasi

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Originally, the MMSE could be used free of charge, and according to its author, this could be one of the main reasons for its popularity: One possible reason for its popularity is that it is free. 14 The authors of the MMSE did not contemplate changing that situation (When discussing the possibility of copyright, McHugh said, 'That would be like copyrighting the Babinski sign' 14) This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website

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  1. Interpretation of MMSE Scores: Score Degree of Impairment Formal Psychometric Assessment Day-to-Day Functioning 25-30 Questionably significant If clinical signs of cognitive impairment are present, formal assessment of cognition may be valuable. May have clinically significant but mild deficits. Likely to affect only most demanding activities of daily living
  2. ation (MMSE) was originally developed as a brief screening. X Testing for disease in people without symptoms. tool to provide a quantitative evaluation of cognitive impairment and to record cognitive changes over time (Folstein, Folstein, & McHugh, 1975)
  3. er names 3 objects (eg apple, table, penny) Patient asked to repeat (1 point for each correct). Subtract 7 from 100, then repeat from result
  4. What's going on is that the Folsteins and McHugh licensed their copyright in the MMSE to PAR, which has been been enforcing copyright claims so that it can make money selling copies. So, for example, PAR sells 50 MMSE test forms for $66, or $1.32 each

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  1. MMSE is monitoring the Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation to ensure the health and safety of our meeting and conference participants, as well as our staff. We will also be monitoring the recommendations from the Centers for Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CCDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) as the situation progresses
  2. istration and scoring instructions and the SMMSE tool must not be used outside Australia without the written consent of Dr D. William Molloy
  3. • Technically, the MMSE is a copyrighted neuropsychological test, and the user should pay a fee when it is used. At the present time the Province of BC has paid the copyright for the s-MMSE to be used for diagnostic and educational purposes. THE TEST Introduction - Most subjects are not bothered by being tested, but some may be quite resistan
  4. The Psychological Association Research (PAR) holds the copyright to the MMSE-2, and they allowed us to translate the MMSE-2 into Korean before the start of this study. Because one of the purposes of developing the MMSE-2 was to conduct the same test across the world, which the MMSE cannot do, the items of the MMSE-2 should not be modified to adjust to cultural background
  5. ation (MMSE) is limited in that it must be ad
  6. g and cumbersome screening instrument for the fast‐paced ED environment. 22, 63 The MMSE may yield false positives in lower socioeconomic and limited health literacy populations, 64-66 while exhibiting.

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Combine searches by placing the search numbers in the top search box and pressing the search button. An example search might look like (#1 or #2) and (#3 or #4 Cockrell JR and Folstein MF. Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE), Psychopharmacology 1988; 24: 689-692. Folstein MF, Robins LN, Helzer JE. The Mini-Mental State Examination. Arch Gen Psychiatry. 1983 Jul;40(7):812. Anthony JC, LeResche L, Niaz U, VonKorff MR and Folstein MF Although they are minor, there are some disadvantages to using the MMSE. One such disadvantage is the necessary score adjustments for age, education and ethnicity. Despite the many free versions on the internet, there could be copyright issues as this test has been copyrighted since 2000; prior to that time the test had been distributed for free

The MMSE-2 materials have been translated into three Spanish versions for those who live in Europe, Latin America, and the United States. These products use locally collected standardization data and/or clinical patient data. The MMSE-2 is also available in German, French, Dutch, Simplified Chinese, Russian, Italian, and Hindi d patients with MCI (n=76) or dementia (n=79). The results show that the MMSE-2:SV had excellent discriminative ability in distinguishing older controls from patients with dementia, with cut-off scores of 26 and 27 (max=30) yielding appropriate sensitivity (0.810 and 0.924, respectively) and specificity (0.940 and 0.806). Discriminative power was close to good in distinguishing between older. Work for hire has a 95-year copyright. There are different lengths of copyright for some media - 25 years for photographs and 50 years for films. This means that if you find an older piece of your work has been reproduced without your permission, you can still sue for breach of copyright. 6 The Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) first appeared in 1975 having been developed as a screening tool for patients with dementia and psychiatric disorders in an inpatient setting.1 Folstein and colleagues did not envisage the global domination that this simple clinical tool would achieve

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The mini mental state examination (MMSE) is widely used as a rapid means of quantifying cognitive function.1 The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidelines concerning the use of cholinesterase inhibitors (CI) in Alzheimer's disease recommend using the MMSE as quantifiable measure to inform decisions regarding initiation and continuation of drug treatment.2 Our study questions whether poor interrater reliability of the MMSE makes it an inappropriate tool for. Actual MMSE was removed due to copyright restriction. Owned by Psychological Assessment Resources (PAR) Synopsis of the MMSE is listed below. For complete scale, see resources below; PDF version is available under tools below; Orientation (10 points) Patient identifies time and place; Registration (3 points) and Recall (3 points Date of Examination Name Examiner Years of School Completed Instructions: Words in boldface type should be read aloud clearlyand slowly to the examinee MMSE.16 The TICS copyright is apparently held by PAR, which charges for forms and instruction manuals. 2. Telephone Interview for Cognitive Status - Modified (TICS-M) The TICS-M17 is a modification of the TICS, which adds delayed recall. This adds additional items, but it is not clear if this additional information is more informative than the TICS Widely used cognitive screening instruments, including the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) (Folstein et al., 1975), Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) (Nasreddine et al., 2005), and.

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Mental State Examination (SMMSE) under license agreement with the copyright owner, Dr. D. William Molloy. Seniors Care Network has granted permission for the programs and partners of Seniors Care Network in the Central East LHIN to freely use the SMMSE in perpetuity. As such, it is not required for its program Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) for the detection of dementia in clinically unevaluated people aged 65 and over in community 2 and primary care populations (Review) Copyright © 2016 The Cochrane Collaboration

The Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) is often used to screen for MCI in outpatient departments in China. To compare the value of Mini-Cog and MMSE in screening patients for MCI in a neurological outpatient department, and determine differences in the value of Mini-Cog for different ages and educational levels MMSE was in fact initially designed to assess psychiatric disorders and not AD in the ambulatory setting. Moreover, the MMSE is under copyright restrictions and is no longer freely available, potentially limiting its routine use in clini-cal and research settings.6,7 As a result, the Montreal Cog-nitive Assessment (MoCA)8 is increasingly used. Mini Mental Status (MMS), Mini Mental Status Examination (MMSE) eller Folstein test er et 30-poeng spørreskjema som brukes for å teste kognisjon.Den er allment brukt innenfor medisin for screening av demens.I løpet av 10 minutter testes forskjellige kognitive domener som aritmetikk, hukommelse og orienteringsevne.Testen ble innført av Folstein et al i 1975, og brukes i mange forskjellige.

mean square error (MMSE) criterion can replace rake com-bining while improving the BER performance. Accurate estimation of the channel transfer function and the signal-to-noise power ratio (SNR) are necessary for MMSE-FDE. Numerous studies on channel estimation (CE) are found in [8]-[12]. Pilot-assisted CE is utilized for DS-CDM Mini‐Mental State Examination (MMSE) for the detection of dementia in clinically unevaluated people aged 65 and over in community and primary care populations - Creavin, ST - 2016 | Cochrane Library The scores in each component of the MMSE were similar in the written and standard tests. It was found that 75% of hearing-impaired subjects and 58% of the normal hearing group preferred the written MMSE to the standard version. The standard MMSE took a mean time of 7 min to perform, while the written version took about 8 min in both study groups For conversion from MCI to dementia in general, the accuracy of baseline MMSE scores ranged from sensitivities of 23% to 76% and specificities from 40% to 94%. In relationship to conversion from MCI to Alzheimer's disease dementia, the accuracy of baseline MMSE scores ranged from sensitivities of 27% to 89% and specificities from 32% to 90% Mini-Mental State Exa m (MMSE) has be en describ ed as the most wi dely. used and evaluated scale (Ramirez, Teresi, Silver, Holmes, Gurland, &. Lantigua, 2002; Teresi, Holmes, Ramirez, Gurland.

  1. ation is one of the most commonly used and widely tested instrument for testing cognitive ability. Domains measured by the MMSE include orientation to time and place, registration, attention and calculation, recall, na
  2. ation (MMSE) (Note: copyright restrictions apply) 12 Cognitive assessment in acute care settings Use this pathway in acute care settings where cognitive impairment is suspected. It suggests relevant assessment tools you can use to help with the diagnosis
  3. Our Profile. MMSE is an exclusive and independent supplier of medical equipments and laboratory & OT (Operation Theatre) setup cum maintenance company. We maintain exceptional quality standards for best services and have the required resources to locally support our clients (manpower, tools and test equipment, technical knowledge, etc.)

The goal of the Index is to make the principles and application of fair use more accessible and understandable to the public by presenting a searchable database of court opinions, including by category and type of use (e.g., music, internet/digitization, parody) We aimed to investigate the correlation of factors involved in the change of Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) and type 2 diabetes in the elderly. This study was a secondary analysis of a prospective cohort study. Type 2 diabetes patients aged > 55 years were recruited and assigned into three groups based on their glycated hemoglobin (HbA1c) levels: HbA1c < 7, 7% ≤ HbA1c < 8% and HbA1c ≥8%

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  1. Overall, MMSE scores were affected by age, education, and cultural background, but not gender. Conclusions. In general, the MMSE fulfilled its original goal of providing a brief screening test that quantitatively assesses the severity of cognitive impairment and documents cognitive changes occurring over time
  2. ation revised (Mioshi, Dawson, Mitchell, Arnold, & Hodges, 2006) also seemed to be effective, whereas the MoCA has been shown to be better for the detection of NCD
  3. istered to patients at risk for or suspected of developing dementia. The test was developed around 1975, and has been used to track an individual's mental deterioration over time. The MMSE aims to deter
  4. MMSE scores at the baseline and the 6-month follow-up were plotted for each quartile group. This plot demonstrates that, in general, patients with smaller hippocampus, smaller amygdala, or larger temporal horn show the greatest decline on the 6-month follow-up visit, as measured by MMSE and CDR SB
  5. ition is een instrument gebruikt voor het screenen van cognitieve beperkingen bij ouderen. De test evalueert de cognitieve functies: aandacht en oriëntatie, geheugen, registratie, herinnering, berekening, taal en praxis. Een lage score op de MMSE komt overeen met een laag cognitief.
  6. korrelation mellem MMSE og to globale skalaer til vurdering af demensgrad. Endvidere præsenteres sensitivitet og specificitet for MMSE ved forskellige cut-offs (i intervallet fra 22/23 til 29/39) og arbejdet bidrager således til valideringen af MMSE i Danmark. Udvalgte danske dataindsamlinger, hvor MMSE indgår: Sample Alder MMSE

Weighted Sum-Rate Maximization using Weighted MMSE for MIMO-BC Beamforming Design Søren Skovgaard Christensen∗, Rajiv Agarwal †, Elisabeth de Carvalho‡ and John M. Cioffi ∗ Nokia Denmark †Stanford University ‡Aalborg University Modem Algorithm Design Packard Elect Another advantage of MMSE reconstruction method is that it can be applied in 3D compounding. Conventional ultrasound compounding only considers the data spatial redundancy and simply averages all data sets. Our method takes into account the different degrees of redundancy for different frequency components Cochrane Review Summary: Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) for the detection of dementia in clinically unevaluated people aged 65 and over in community and primary care populations - Volume 18 Issue The MSE is not to be confused with the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE), which is a brief neuropsychological screening test for dementia. The Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) or Folstein test is a 30-point questionnaire that is used extensively in clinical and research settings to measure cognitive impairment distribution. Furthermore, we derive the MMSE estimator under speech presence un-certainty and a Laplacian statistical model. Results indicated that the Laplacian-based MMSE estimator yielded less residual noise in the enhanced speech than the traditional vi

started treatment with ChEIs on the same day of the MMSE measurement or after, while 765 (6.6%) patients were on ChEI-treatment before the baseline MMSE test was performed. In Sweden, MMSE or a similar screening test is recommended when diagnosing dementia, but is not required for ChEI prescription33 MMSE cooperates with Supmeca/Paris School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering, France Hello, Dear Colleagues and friends. The 7 th International Conference on Advances in Machinery, Material Science and Engineering Application(MMSE 2021) will be happening at Hangzhou Radisson Hotel Platinum, China, from July 24 th to 25 th, 2021.Since its creation in 2010-2013, MMSE organized by Wuhan.

MMSE, MMT (Mini Mental State Examination, Mini Mental Test

The MMSE has a copyright, unlike the SLUMS test (and the exam that follows). That copyright has drawn criticism and it is being tested in court. You can learn more about the MMSE by going to our Mini Mental Status Examination page. The Test Your Memory (TYM) exam is like the SLUMS test, it does not have a copyright The MMSE estimator of the squared Frobenius norm of the channel matrix is also derived and shown to provide far better gain estimates than other approaches. It is shown under which conditions training sequences that minimize the non-convex MSE can be derived explicitly or with low complexity. Numerical ex

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The MMSE, created in 1975 by Dr. Marshall Folstein, had been freely available until 2001, when Psychological Assessment Resources (PAR) started managing the test's copyright license Finally, the following data published by Psychological Assessment Resources Inc. (PAR), the copyright holder, derived from a normative sample of more than 1500 individuals used to establish reliability and normal range of scores for the slightly modified MMSE-2, found that internal consistency ranged from α = 0.66 to 0.79 with test-retest stability at ≥ 0.96 for all versions, while the interrater reliability of the measure ranged from 0.94 to 0.99 (PAR, 2011) Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) - free printable, downloadable, pdf version The MMSE is a 30-point test Advantages Relatively quick and easy to perform Requires no additional equipment Can provide a method of monitoring deterioration over time Disadvantages Biased against people with poor education due to elements of language and mathematical testing Bias against visually impaired. The ACE-R was a development of the earlier ACE which also incorporated the MMSE, but had clearly defined subdomain scores. The ACE-III was developed to improve the performance of certain parts of the test and also to avoid a potential copyright violation by replacing the elements shared with the MMSE

People should be aware about some urban legend ( ? ) regarding - copyright - when using MMSE ?! MOCA is much alike but probably free of copyright In a longitudinal (but not normative) study of older persons, the mean MMSE was 24.1 at age 85 and 20.2 at age 88 for an age cohort born in 1901‐1902. 6 In an additional longitudinal (but not normative) study of very old age of the same age cohorts, mean MMSE values for 97, 99, and 100 years of age were around 17. 7 In a study of 85‐year‐olds born in 1923‐1924, the MMSE mean values were significantly (approximately 1.5 points) higher than for those born 22 years earlier in 1901.

The ACE-III was developed to remove the MMSE elements from the ACE and ACE-R, as the MMSE was no longer open access in the year 2001. 5 Because of this, recent guidelines have provided alternatives to the MMSE, and the ACE-III has been recommended by the Department of Health and the Alzheimer's Society in the UK. 6 In this way, the MMSE items present in the ACE-R were substituted for by. In this post, lets discuss a frequency selective channel with the use of Minimum Mean Square Error (MMSE) equalization to compensate for the inter symbol interference (ISI). For simplifying the discussion, we will assume that there is no pulse shaping at the transmitter. The ISI channel is assumed to be a fixed 3 tap channel. Transmit symbo The Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) is a test that health care professionals give to someone who may have dementia. Dementia refers to a decline in mental ability that is severe enough to affect daily life. This person may have Alzheimer's disease, which is the most common form of dementia mmse / Uncategorized / Mechanics, Materials Science & Engineering journal (MMSE) is an interdisciplinary journal in materials science, mechanics, engineering, civil engineering, automation, electronics etc. fields with the purpose of reporting scientific advancements of the highest quality, providing research from new techniques in multiple natural sciences, instrumentation, modelling and control, materials science ment of the MMSE copyright. First published in 1975 [17], the MMSE copyright is now held by Psychological Assess-ment Resources, Inc., which charges a fee for each use (for exact fees see www.parinc.com). The comparative SER within the VA [16] evaluated alternatives to the proprietary MMSE, including the GPCOG and the Mini-Cog, alon

The MMSE is neither the most accurate nor most efficient tool with which to evaluate cognitive disorders but it has provided a benchmark against which all newer tools can be measured. Keywords Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) Dementia Mild cognitive impairment Delirium Diagnostic accuracy Reliability Sensitivity and specificity Clinical utilit The MMSE orientation for time domain is a strong predictor of subsequent cognitive decline in the elderly. Int J Geriatr Psychiatry 24 (12): 1429-37. Copyright © Millisecond Software Performance analysis of ZF and MMSE equalizers for MIMO systems. Abstract: This paper presents an in-depth analysis of the zero forcing (ZF) and minimum mean squared error (MMSE) equalizers applied to wireless multi-input multi-output (MIMO) systems with no fewer receive than transmit antennas. In spite of much prior work on this subject, we reveal.

Hybrid MMSE Precoding and Combining Designs for mmWave Multiuser Systems. Abstract: Hybrid analog/digital precoding architectures are a low-complexity alternative for fully digital precoding in millimeter-wave (mmWave) MIMO wireless systems. This is motivated by the reduction in the number of radio frequency and mixed signal hardware components Product Description. The MMSE-2 retains the clinical utility and efficiency of the original MMSE. With a standard version that is equivalent to the original MMSE and new brief and expanded forms, the MMSE-2 expands its usefulness in populations with milder forms of cognitive impairment, including subcortical dementia

One of the reasons to assess the relative merits of the MMSE is that it is a proprietary instrument, owned by 'Psychological Assessment Resources' meaning that it is not actually free for organisations to use Sweden, MMSE or a similar screening test is recommended when diagnosing dementia, but is not required for ChEI prescription33. A total 31,054 Alzheimer´s dementia patients were eligible, comprising 21,826 ChEI-users and 9,228 non-users. Copyright © 2021 The Author(s) The MMSE is not the only test used to determine if someone has dementia. In fact, health care providers typically will look at a patient's medical history, physical exam results, and sometimes neurological test results, including brain scans Participants had MMSE scores between 4 and 15, and were randomized to 20 or 40 μg bryostatin or placebo given intravenously seven times over 11 weeks. The primary outcomes were safety and an efficacy measure defined by change on the severe impairment battery (SIB) at week 13, two weeks after the last dose The test is under copyright and recent versions can be purchased from publish-ers Psychological Assessment Resources online at www.minimental.com. Scoring The instrument's 11 items are scored using (MMSE) 224 51 Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) Additionally, scoring software can be purchase

Comparison of the Folstein Mini Mental State Examination

The interrogation of a witness, in order to ascertain his knowledge as to the facts in dispute between parties. When the examination is made by the party who called the witness, it is called an examination in chief. When it is made by the other party, it is known by the name of cross-examination. (q.v.) 2 MMSE administration began on a systematic subsample in 1986, when all participants were 85 years of age (Aevarsson & Skoog, 2000). The current analyses include 396 individuals. Data are available for up to six waves, however, N = 9 at the sixth wave of MMSE data collection, as this wave represents 99 years of age for this cohort The MMSE Developed by psychiatrists, the mini mental state examination (MMSE) is widely regarded as the 'gold standard' for first line screening of mental status by primary care physicians. While it is not a diagnostic tool, it is the most commonly used instrument to detect the presence of cognitive impairment or to assess the severity of Alzheimer's disease (AD)

CORRESPONDENCE OF COGNITIVE FUNCTIONS EVALUATED BY MMSE TOFile:InterlockingPentagonsAmerica&#39;s Cup 2000 Finals - Race 1 - YouTubeBaseline Mini-Mental State Examination score (MMSE), by건강검진 결과지 제대로 읽는 법

MMSE hasn't enough domains to evaluate attention, executive function, but Hasegawa's dementia scale (HDS) has more tools for evaluating memory, attention and frontal executive domains, so it can be useful as much as MMSE to search not only early detection of diverse dementia but also MCI. Method hanced by the Gaussian and Laplacian MMSE estimators. From top to bottom, are the spectrograms of the signal in quiet, signal in F-16 noise, signal enhanced by the Gaussian MMSE estimator [1], signal enhanced by the LapMMSE estimator and signal enhanced by the ApLapMMSE estimator. All estimators incorporated signal-presence uncertainty... 5 The MMSE only assesses certain aspects of cognitive function, while dismissing other important factors, such as mood and a more complete assessment of executive function. Originally, the MMSE was tested on a mere 206 patients before Folstein declared that this exam could accurately determine one's cognitive abilities However, it is not completely known whether these indicators work better when used in combination in real-world clinical practice. Methods We included 112 participants with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and 128 participants with early AD in this study. All participants underwent MRI, SPECT, and the Mini-Mental State Examination (MMSE) Looking for online definition of MMSE or what MMSE stands for? MMSE is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms The Free Dictionar

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